Welcome to Belmarsh with Ross Kemp; two-part series;  ITV; 2019-20

A mixture of a presenter-led and observational documentary that looks at the UK most notorious high-security prison Belmarsh.

Executive Producer: James Cohen, Yvonne Alexander
Series Producer: Jamie Berry 


Libyan conflict: Suspected war crimes shared online; 15min; BBC Arabic for Newsnight; 2019

A Newsnight / BBC Arabic investigation into the conflict in Libya has uncovered evidence of suspected war crimes being widely shared on Facebook and YouTube.

Executive Producer: Simon Cox and Mustafa Khalili


Addicted: Last Chance Mums;  30min; Antidote Production for BBC Panorama; 2017-18

This ob doc Panorama questions: Can a drug addict mother change and keep her child or should the State take away the baby?
Executive Producers: Laura Jones, Leila Monk


Things I Can’t Unsee   shorts; BBC in house for BBC Three; 2016


Two thought provoking shorts where people reflect on unforgettable experiences.  A fireman talks about attempts to save a baby in the film Into the Fire. The film Water Rescuers captures the thoughts and feelings of the River Search and Rescue team in Belfast, a city with the highest suicide rate in the UK.

Executive Producers: Max Gogarty; Claire Hughes 


People’s Health   6x60min; Ronachan films for Al Jazeera; 2014/15

Producer/Director/Camera – episodes 2 and 3

The series examines healthcare systems in 6 countries around the world. I made 2 films in Canada and the UK. Canadian film shows how to train a good doctor and the UK episode questions the role of primary care in our health system.

Executive Producers: Sam Collyns, Angus Macqueen & Sun Shuyun


Rookies   3x48min; Plum Pictures for ITV1; 2014/15

Producer/Director/Camera – shoot only

The series follows Lincolnshire student police officers as they learn how real policing works and what effect it has on their lives.

Executive Producer: Stuart Cabb; Series Producer: Kari Lia


Liberty of London:  3x48min; Rize USA for Channel 4; 2013

Producer/Director/Camera – episode 2

This series looks behind the scenes of London’s most charming department store.

Executive Producer: Emma Loach; Series Producer: Tanya Stephan 


Married to the Job   6x30min; Landmark Films  for ITV1; 2013

Producer/Director/Camera – episodes 1 and 3.  Shoot PD – episodes 2 and 4

This unique new six-part series shows how senior women inspectors juggle demanding a job with family life.

Executive Producer: Nick O’Dwyer; Series Producer: Tanya Stephan 


Brain Doctors   3x60min; Landmark Films for BBC2;  2012

Producer/ Director/Camera – all episodes

Three dramatic and intensely moving one hour films from the brain surgery and neurosurgery department of Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital.

Executive Producer: Nick O’Dwyer; Series Producers: Mandy Chang, Monica Garnsey


Protecting Our Children   3x60min; BBC Bristol for BBC2; 2010

Producer/Camera – episodes 1 and 3

Three part series examining the work of child protection social workers in Bristol.

Executive Producer: Julian Mercer 


Our Drugs War   3x48min; Ronachan Films for Channel 4; 2010

Producer/Camera – episodes 1 and 2. Camera  – episodes 3

This three-part series examines the global story of our drugs policies from poppy fields of Afghanistan, via drugs dealers in New York to the streets of Edinburgh

Directors Angus Macqueen, Monica Garnsey  Executive Producer: Angus Macqueen 


The Hospital    3x60min; North One for Channel 4; 2009

Producer/Director/Camera – episode 3

Three part series looking at teenagers being treated by the NHS. The episode I produced and directed was about three young women struggling with obesity.

Executive Producer: Simon Ford; Series Producer: Monica Garnsey 


Playing the Fool   42min; Tarmac Films for festivals; 2008/2012


Three years in the making, this film is about the man who pretended to be insane in order to escape the war in Bosnia by joining a group of psychiatric patients that were taken to a refugee camp in Hungary. He then spends the next 18 years locked up with them. This is a documentary Balkan version of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Executive Producer: Angus Macqueen, Paul Dosaj and Stephen Shotnes 


My New Best Friend   3x60min; Blast! Films for BBC4; 2008

Director/Camera on episode 2

Three part series follows 4 children as they move from primary schools to secondary schools and make new friends.

Executive Producer: Ed Coulthard


Last Men Standing    20min; NFTS; 2005


This short film captures the bleak prospects facing local youths in a dying mining village.

Access: Very good at delicate and difficult access (negotiated access to NYC drugs gangs, neurosurgeons and child protection social workers)

Cameras: Sony FS7; Canon C300; Canon 305; Sony PMW200

Editing:  Avid, Canon XF Utility

Languages: English, Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian

Hostile Environment Training: Completed in 2010


  • Grierson and RTS Award 2013 for Best Series Protecting Our Children
  • Jerwood First Cuts Documentary Award for Last Men Standing at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2005


  • BAFTA Arts and Crafts 2012 Protecting Our Children
  • Grierson New Comer Award 2005 Last Men Standing
  • Broadcast Best Series Awards 2010 Hospital
  • Broadcast Best Series Awards 2011 Our Drugs War


  • International competition at HotDocs – Toronto Documentary Film Festival 2012
  • Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2006 and 2005
  • Birds Eye View Women Film Festival – London 2007
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival – Edinburgh  2005
  • 13th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival – New York, USA 2005
  • Britspotting – Berlin, Germany – The Best Documentary Film 2005
  • Leipzig Festival for Documentary Film, International Competition- Leipzig, Germany 2005